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Mile High Vinyl

Mystery Crate Vinyl Records

Mystery Crate Vinyl Records

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For the low price of $2.99, you will receive an album from the Mystery Crate.

These albums have all generally been well loved, and will often contain a great deal of surface scratches. These albums will more then likely also contain surface noise, pops, and potential skips. Sound quality cannot be guaranteed, so if you are anticipating flawless sound quality, albums from the Mystery Crate will not be for you.

However, albums from the Mystery Crate will all be known titles from artists you know and love, and the sleeves will generally be in nicer shape.

For those wanting to hang up album covers as wall art, or use old albums for crafts, or even give them a spin for those on a budget who don't mind the surface noise, pops and skips, buying an album from the Mystery Crate should make for an adventurous purchase. 

There is no limit on the amount of albums you can purchase from the Mystery Crate. Just keep in mind that returns or refunds will not be accepted on these albums and quality cannot be guaranteed. 

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