Grading Standard

At Mile High Vinyl, we follow the Goldmine Standard of Grading for vinyl records, cassettes, 45 RPM records, CDs and 8-Tracks. Jeremy Hunter, the owner and primary grader, has personally graded over 20,000 records and various other items with a focus on accuracy and quality.

Here's our grading scale based on media condition:

Mint (M):

  • Album is in perfect condition, unplayed, and factory sealed.

Near Mint (NM):

  • Album is nearly perfect, likely unplayed with no foreseeable imperfections during playback.

Very Good Plus (VGP):

  • Album shows signs of careful use, with minor cosmetic defects but great sound quality.

Very Good (VG):

  • Album contains light surface scratches, scuffs, and possible surface noise during playback.

Good to Good Plus (G, GP):

  • Album is playable without skipping but exhibits significant surface noise and wear.

And our grading scale based on sleeve condition:

Mint (M):

  • The sleeve is in perfect condition, with no flaws or defects.
  • It appears brand new, with crisp edges, vibrant colors, and no signs of wear or aging.
  • There are no creases, tears, bends, or any other damage.

Near Mint (NM or M-):

  • The sleeve is almost perfect, with only the slightest signs of wear.
  • Minor imperfections may be present, such as slight creases or barely noticeable edge wear.
  • Overall, the sleeve looks very close to new and is well-preserved.

Very Good Plus (VG+):

  • The sleeve shows some signs of wear but remains well-maintained.
  • Minor flaws may include light creases, small bends, or slight ring wear.
  • Colors and graphics are still vibrant, and overall appearance is attractive.

Very Good (VG):

  • The sleeve has moderate wear but is still intact and functional.
  • More noticeable flaws like creases, bends, ring wear, or discoloration, as well as minor water damage may be present.
  • Despite these imperfections, the sleeve remains presentable and usable.

Good to Good Plus (G, GP):

  • The sleeve has significant wear and may have noticeable damage.
  • Flaws such as heavy creases, bends, tears, writing, or heightened water damage may be present.
  • While still usable, the sleeve's condition detracts from its overall appeal.

Fair (F):

  • The sleeve is heavily worn and may be damaged to the point of being unsightly.
  • Major flaws like large tears, extensive writing, stains, or severe water damage are present.
  • The sleeve may still be usable but is in poor condition overall.

Poor (P) or Bad (B):

  • The sleeve is in extremely poor condition and may be barely usable, if at all.
  • Severe damage such as significant tears, missing portions, mold, or heavy staining is present.
  • The sleeve's value is primarily in its rarity rather than its condition.

Generic or No Sleeve (GS or NS):

  • The record is either housed in a generic sleeve or has no sleeve at all.
  • This grading is typically used for records sold without their original sleeves.

For CDs and cassettes, we consider surface scratches and scuffs on inserts and booklets without grading jewel cases, since they are replaceable.

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