About Mile High Vinyl

Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Jeremy Hunter; the owner, operator and primary grader at the classic rock themed vintage online record store; Mile High Vinyl. Before my life became consumed with vinyl records and a love for selling, I had a passion for art, writing, film and graduated from The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon through the Motion Picture Arts Program in 2013.

Anyway, my involvement with vinyl records began over six years ago, when I moved with my wife Caitlin to a new house in Bellevue, Saskatchewan. At the time, I was looking for a new outlet to satisfy my limitless thirst for knowledge. My new landlord, Mark Poppen, had mentioned shortly after we moved in next door that he was starting his own online record store, Funky Moose Records. Having grown up with parents who collected anything and everything, and being that I spent years going to auctions and secondhand stores with both my mother and father, I decided to suggest the idea to Mark of me bringing him record collections to add to his website while splitting the sales proceeds, 50/50.

Mark took me up on the offer and in the years that followed, I became knowledgeable not only about what records sell and are most desired by collectors, but also about vinyl grading. This led to me personally grading upwards of 15,000 records, most of which have since sold through the Funky Moose Records website with a smaller, yet growing sum selling on my Discogs page to date.

Despite a mutually positive business arrangement, the desire to run my own business consistently came to mind. This was matched with a growing family which now includes my son Kolt and daughter Temperance, as well as heightened financial demands. Over the past six months in particular, I began mentally constructing the basis of my own online record store which wouldn’t just feature the sale of vintage vinyl records, but also 45s, cassettes, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, magazines, concert tees, original artwork with a rock and roll edge, as well as rock and roll memorabilia.

With the sales items in mind, what I needed now was a business name. The name I initially thought of was Prairie Oyster Records. This name would have been a humorous take on a Saskatchewan delicacy (which I have no intention of ever trying) but after some constructive feedback from my wife and a few co-workers, I decided that naming my record store after bull testicles would not be a wise choice.

A mental image then spontaneously came to me in May, as me and my wife were waiting in the drive through at Tim Hortons in Prince Albert, of a beautiful pin up model holding a vinyl record, along with the words Mile High Vinyl sprawled out directly above. I then turned to my wife with a knowing glance and said “Hey baby, I got the name! Mile High Vinyl!” I then described the logo to her and Caitlin responded by telling me that both the business name and logo worked perfectly.

The next step was to find a web designer, as well as an artist to design both the website and the logo. An artist from the United States was quick to come to mind, but after conflicting viewpoints on the design of the logo, I had to move forward and find a new artist. My wife mentioned that the tattoo artist, who did both my own and Caitlin’s tattoos a couple years earlier, had mentioned that she had done previous work designing logos. I decided to take my wife’s advice and gave the extremely talented Kimberly Wylie who operates True U Tattoo in Rosthern a call, which came to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My father then made the suggestion of calling up 2Web Design based out of Saskatoon, and after having a detailed and informative zoom meeting with Mouneeb, the web designing genius who owns and operates 2Web, I knew I had found my web designing team.

I then proceeded to trademark the business name through Heirlume, another Canadian company I highly recommend. This was followed by securing a competent and highly informative business advisor, who also happens to be my accountant, followed by finding a trusted team to help me add products to the website.

Through my work with Funky Moose Records, I had taught my younger brother and sister everything to know about vinyl grading and how to find valuable used records. With the knowledge and know-how of my siblings in mind, I made both Jessica and Chad Hunter the managers of two separate sales sections where they will assist with purchasing collections and the grading of sales items.

Although I will still be a part of Funky Moose Records, my eventual goal through running my very own online business will be to turn Mile High Vinyl into the largest independent vintage online record store throughout Canada in the years to come. This, along with Mile High Vinyl having an added appeal containing sales items related to all thing's music and pop culture.

My business will also be dedicated to putting customers and employees first and building a welcoming online community which encourages all collectors from every walk of life to shop from Mile High Vinyl knowing that a dedicated team will help them add to their distinctive collections and vinyl needs. It’s a long road ahead and a journey I look forward to taking with you all. Before scrolling through the selection of sales items, there’s just one last thing to keep in mind; “Whatever your style, we go the extra mile.”