About Mile High Vinyl

Welcome to Mile High Vinyl, an online record and music store founded by Jeremy Hunter; formerly in charge of used record purchases, as well as the former primary record grader at Funky Moose Records. With over 20,000 records and sales items personally assessed, I bring valuable knowledge to what collectors desire.

The idea for Mile High Vinyl came to me while waiting in line at Tim Hortons with my wife, envisioning a pin-up model holding a vinyl record with the business name above. After finding the perfect logo designer and web design team, I trademarked the business name and assembled a competent team for product additions.

Our aim is to become Canada's largest independent vintage online record store, offering music and pop culture-related items. Dedication to customers and building a welcoming community is our top priority.

In addition to having thousands of items available through the store, we have secured one of the largest consignment deals in Canada, ensuring the largest selection of used items for our customers for years to come.

Join us on this journey as we strive to be your go-to destination for unique collections and vinyl needs. And remember, "Whatever your style, we go the extra mile."