Grading Standard

At Mile High Vinyl, we follow the Goldmine Standard of Grading for vinyl records, cassettes, 45 RPM records, CDs and 8-Tracks. Jeremy Hunter, the owner and primary grader, has personally graded over 20,000 records and various other items with a focus on accuracy and quality.

Here's our grading scale:

Mint (M): Perfect condition, unplayed, and factory sealed.

Near Mint (NM): Nearly perfect, likely unplayed with no foreseeable imperfections during playback.

Very Good Plus (VGP): Shows signs of careful use, with minor cosmetic defects but great sound quality.

Very Good (VG): Contains light surface scratches, scuffs, and possible surface noise during playback.

Good to Good Plus (G, GP): Play-through without skipping but significant surface noise and wear.

For CDs and cassettes, we consider surface scratches and scuffs without grading jewel cases.

Trust Mile High Vinyl for accurate grading and quality products every time!