Various : No Alternative (CD, Album, Comp, Club, RP)
Various : No Alternative (CD, Album, Comp, Club, RP)
Various : No Alternative (CD, Album, Comp, Club, RP)

Various - No Alternative (CD, Album, Comp, Club, RP) (Very Good Plus (VG+))

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Media Condition:  Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Country:    US  

Genre:       Rock
Style:         Alternative Rock, Lo-Fi, Grunge


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Packaged in a clear jewel case with an opaque black disc tray. Presence of Mould SID Code identifies this release as a repress (pressed 1994 or later). Back cover: Compilation ℗ and © 1993 The Red Hot Organization. Marketed and distributed by Arista Records, Inc., a Bertelsmann Music Group Company Printed in U.S.A. Mfd. for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. under license CD: Compilation ℗ 1993 The Red Hot Organization Manufactured in USA for Arista Records, Inc. Mfd. for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. under license Spine: A Red Hot production Inner panels: 1. Recorded January and February 1993 at Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood, CA Additional recording at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles Mastered, Precision Mastering, Hollywood, CA © 1992 EMI Blackwood Music Inc. / Charm Trap Music Inc. (BMI) Matthew Sweet appears courtesy of [l12695 Russell Carter Artist Management, Ltd., Decatur, GA 2. Recorded Spring 1993 at Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles, CA Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA Special thanks to Susan Donaldson and all at Cherokee Studios © 1993 Scrawny Music (BMI) Buffalo Tom appears courtesy of [l264262 Tom Johnston Management, Boston, MA 3. Recorded May 17-19 1993 at Pachyderm Studios, Canon Falls, MN Mixed at Greene Street Recording, New York, NY Special thanks to Dave Harrington & the staff at Greene Street © EMI April Music Inc. / Bugpie Music Publishing / Ritz Writes (ASCAP) / EMI Blackwood Music Ind. (BMI) Soul Asylum appears courtesy of [l1866 Records Addis Wechsler & Associates, Los Angeles, CA 4. Recorded June 24, 1993 at Studio 4, Philadelphia © 1993 King / Kato Ltd. (BMI) Urge Overkill appears courtesy of [l821 Beth Winer Management, Chicago 5. Recorded June 9-10, 1993 at Pachyderm Studios, Cannon Falls, MN Mixed at Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA Special thanks to [a4044271 and Tim Penn at Pachyderm and [a1395197 at Music Annex © 1993 PolyGram Music / I Failed In Life Music (BMI) American Music Club appears courtesy of [l157 and [l26760 Building Management, San Francisco and Los Angeles 6. Recorded at Metalworks, Canada Additional Editing at Electrox, New York Special thanks to [a1471543 and the staff at Metalworks © ABKCO Music Inc. (BMI) Goo Goo Dolls appear courtesy of [l1000 Third Rail Entertainment, Los Angeles 7. Greg Talenfeld out of [a2385801 Recorded July 13-20, 1993 at Waterworks Studio, New York © 1993 Treble Kicker Music (BMI) 8. Recorded Spring 1993 at Soundworks, Chicago IL and Smart Studios, Madison, WI © 1993 Cinderful Music / Chrysalis Songs (BMI) Smashing Pumpkins appear courtesy of [l108701 9. Recorded Fall 1991 at Granary Music 2, Brooklyn, NY © 1993 Granary Music (BMI), administered worldwide by Bug Music Bob Mould appears courtesy of [l818, [l105755 and White Records 10. Recorded Spring 1993 at Studio Nomade, Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada © 1993 Tyde Music and Sony Music (ASCAP) Sarah McLachlan appears courtesy of [l22429 and [l66788 11. Recorded September 1991 at Avast Studios, Seattle, WA © 1991 Noyes Innerouter (ASCAP) Soundgarden appears courtesy of [l904 Susan Silver Management, Seattle, WA 12. Recorded and mixed June, 1993 at Can Am Recorders, Tarzana, CA Special thanks to Can Am Recorders, Leeds Rehearsals, Drum Paradise and Andy Brauer. © 1993 Rondor Music (ASCAP) Straitjacket Fits appear courtesy of [l22429 Debbi Gibbs, Auckland, NZ 13. Recorded and mixed May 1993 at Lowdown, San Francisco © 1984 Sony Music (ASCAP) Tom Johnston Management, Boston, MA 14. Recorded May 1-4, 1993 at Studios 301, Sydney, Australia Mixed at Master Control, Burbank, CA Special thanks to Fiona Simpson and all the staff at Studios 301, Billy Hyde Rentals, Stage Door Rehearsal, Studio EFX Rentals and Ron Corbett at Master Control. © 1993 Sony Music (ASCAP) The Verlaines appear courtesy of [l2831 Joe Keith Management, Dunedin, NZ 15. Recorded live in June 1993 at Cedar Creek Recording, Austin, TX © Jondora Music (BMI) Uncle Tupelo appears courtesy of [l103781. Tony Margherita Management, St. Louis, MO 16. Recorded live on a Tascam MSR 16, Dallas, TX 11/19/92 Mixed at G-Son Studios, Los Angeles ©1986 Brooklyn Dust Music / PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) and American Def Tune (ASCAP) Beastie Boys appear courtesy of [l654 17. Recorded June 26, 1992 live at Glastonbury © 1990 Period Music (BMI) The Breeders appear courtesy of [l36195 18. Recorded live July 8, 1993 at NY Summerstage, New York © 1993 Patti Smith Patti Smith appears courtesy of [l22429 - [a17199 and [a237653 appear on the cassette version of No Alternative - In special remembrance of Sluggo Allison, [a749292, [a841015, Frank Hori Churchward, William Cormier, Donny Diaz, Vic Fought, Gertrude Goldberg, Jon Greenberg, George Guim, Dan Hate, [a110987, [a251813, Mitch Kellog, Lori Klein, [a587889, [a2021710, Jim Owles, Niel Place, Bernhard M. Raschal, George Reyes, [a992293, Anthony Wayne Thomas, [a6163454, Upchuck, Robert Vogel, [a44572, and everyone who did what they did for the sake of love - No Alternative is the third in a series of AIDS awareness and fundraising productions by The Red Hot Organization Arista Records, the Red Hot Organization, BMG Distribution, the artists and producers are donating their net proceeds from this album to existing AIDS organizations worldwide. - The producers would like to thank all the artists, producers, engineers, management companies, record companies, publishers, recording studios and in particular [a233669, [a892364, [a1664296, [a1633893, [a88723, and everyone at Arista Records. - Special thanks to Donald Moffett, Marlene McCarty, Claudia Brandenburg and brother Stephen, and Mary Day at Bureau; Lauren Chodosh, Steve Ealey, Equity Marketing (Don Kurz and Steve Robeck), [a1509783, Gil Gilman, [a2117519, IN Fashion (especially MB, GB, SC and FS), DMK, David Kirby, [a5394270, Kassia Mills, Nancy Publia; [a2223167, [a1650791, [a1636015, Kim Neely, Jancee Dunn and everyone at [l19286; [a3415112, [a447678, [a950055, John Tiedemann, Vanessa Turman, Kathy Vosters, [a2390595; Maryann Hult and Andia Farrokhzadeh for their enthusiastic help all summer; Dan Osheyack and [l280783; Stephanie Malen at Masterdisk; Sherri Anderson, Janet Bilig, Bethann Buddenbaum, [a1506096, [a147534, Graeme Downes, [a2305467, Kathy Gallagher, [a1775028, [a1640385, [a815108, [a1638392, [a1893664, [a445840, [a1183180, Joe Keith, John Lewis, [a1689978, Steve Malkmus, Ina Lea Meibach, [a1276978, [a2178698, Pam Pepitone, [a508776, Chris Shaw, Bonnie Siegler, [a1634530, Fred Smith, NY Summerstage, [a533675, Mio Vuckovic, John Warner, Howie Weinberg, and [a1746267. - Extra thanks to MTV for their support and contribution to the production of the No Alternative television program and home video, especially Judy McGrath, [a4116780, Lauren Levine, [a1529180, Abby Terkuhle, Mike Powers, [a207723, John Shea, [a474347, [a2123769, and [a6133914. - And extra special thanks to the Extended Red Hot Family: Connie & [a4241953, Renee Dossick, Art & Peg Heck, Sheila, Ira & Becky Kowal, Bob, Maggie & Beth Mundy, Gary Paul, Tabitha Soren, Billie & Tom Walsh, Richard Yelland, AMP, and [l290701. - Mastered at Masterdisk, New York City Home Video available through PolyGram Video (selection) Compilation ℗ and © 1993 The Red Hot Organization. All individual tracks ℗ by the record company or individual indicated. Selection #07822-18737-2 Marketed and distributed by Arista Records, Inc., a Bertelsmann Music Group Company Printed in U.S.A. All artwork and logos © and TM 1993 The Red Hot Organization BUREAU, New York Other notes: Track 4 alternately titled "View Of The Rain". Tracks 15 to 18 are not listed as live versions on the back cover. Track 18 is titled "Memorial Tribute" on the back cover. Track 19 is not listed on the release, alternately titled "Sappy".


1. Matthew Sweet - Superdeformed 3:58
2. Buffalo Tom - For All To See 3:36
3. Soul Asylum (2) - Sexual Healing 4:45
4. Urge Overkill - Take A Walk 4:39
5. American Music Club - All Your Jeans Were Too Tight 3:33
6. Goo Goo Dolls - Bitch 3:17
7. Pavement - Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence 3:54
8. The Smashing Pumpkins - Glynis 4:53
9. Bob Mould - Can't Fight It 3:49
10. Sarah McLachlan - Hold On 4:23
11. Soundgarden - Show Me 2:48
12. Straitjacket Fits - Brittle 3:24
13. Barbara Manning, S.F. Seals - Joed Out 3:52
14. The Verlaines - Heavy 33 4:21
15. Uncle Tupelo - Effigy (Live) 5:59
16. Beastie Boys, Hurricane (2) - It's The New Style (Live) 2:20
17. The Breeders - Iris (Live) 3:44
18. Patti Smith - Memorial Song (Live) 3:33
19. Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse 3:24


Barcode and Other Identifiers:

Matrix / Runout SONOPRESS USA 07822187372 01# + + 31596
Mould SID Code IFPI 1004
Rights Society ASCAP
Rights Society BMI


Phonographic Copyright (p) The Red Hot Organization
Copyright (c) The Red Hot Organization
Copyright (c) EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
Copyright (c) Charm Trap Music
Copyright (c) Scrawny Music
Copyright (c) EMI April Music Inc.
Copyright (c) Bugpie Music Publishing
Copyright (c) Ritz Writes
Copyright (c) King/Kato, Ltd.
Copyright (c) PolyGram Music
Copyright (c) I Failed In Life Music
Copyright (c) ABKCO Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) Treble Kicker Music
Copyright (c) Cinderful Music
Copyright (c) Chrysalis Songs
Copyright (c) Granary Music
Copyright (c) Tyde Music
Copyright (c) Sony Music
Copyright (c) Noyes Inneroutter
Copyright (c) Rondor Music
Copyright (c) Jondora Music
Copyright (c) Brooklyn Dust Music
Copyright (c) PolyGram International Publishing, Inc.
Copyright (c) American Def Tune
Copyright (c) Period Music
Copyright (c) Patti Smith
Marketed By Arista Records, Inc.
Distributed By Arista Records, Inc.
Record Company Bertelsmann Music Group
Manufactured For BMG Direct Marketing, Inc.
Manufactured For BMG Direct Marketing, Inc.
Manufactured For Arista Records, Inc.
Recorded At The Sound Factory
Recorded At The Village Recorder
Recorded At Cherokee Studios
Recorded At Pachyderm Studio
Recorded At Studio 4 Recording
Recorded At Metalworks Studios
Recorded At Waterworks
Recorded At Soundworks, Chicago
Recorded At Smart Studios
Recorded At Granary Music 2
Recorded At Studio Nomade
Recorded At Avast! Recording Co.
Recorded At Can-Am Recorders
Recorded At Lowdown Studios
Recorded At Studios 301, Sydney
Recorded At Cedar Creek Recording
Recorded At NY Summerstage
Mastered At Masterdisk
Mastered At Precision Mastering
Mastered At The Mastering Lab
Mixed At Greene St. Recording
Mixed At The Music Annex
Mixed At Can-Am Recorders
Mixed At Lowdown Studios
Mixed At Master Control, Burbank
Mixed At G-Son Studios
Edited At Electrox
Published By Bug Music
Glass Mastered At Sonopress USA





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